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Patrick Gabaldon

You can't think of El Paso art without thinking of Patrick Gabaldon. From murals all over town, to sports teams, clothes, and more. 

Las Artistas initiated what we hope is a long tradition of featuring artists on merchandise with Gabaldon's iconic cacti & flowers.

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Patrick Gabaldon was born and raised in the Sun City of El Paso, Texas. His passion in art began after returning home to the vibrant color and vast expanse of the desert sky. His time away gave him a new perspective on the often forgotten west Texas desert. Gabaldon took his new found inspiration and made it his quest to show others his colorful interpretation of the borderland. Attorney by day and artist by night, Gabaldon quickly rose to local prominence with multiple exhibits across El Paso and features in print and digital media. Today, it is difficult not to find Gabaldon’s work on display across the city. His work has been exhibited in restaurants, art galleries, the El Paso International Airport, Southwest University Ballpark, the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and even as stickers on laptops and water bottles. The bright tones that have become synonymous with Gabaldon’s work illuminate the cross border culture he attributes as the inspiration behind his painting.


He and his wife, Monica Alvillar (CEO, CFO etc. SHE DOES IT ALL!), have now made it their intention to give back to their community through art and their small business. They remain fierce advocates of their home town of El Paso, its culture and people.


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